Media Scholarship in the Liberal Arts Description

Moving Images Collaborative 2007 supported by an award from the NITLE Instructional Innovation Fund

Hamilton, Colgate, Juniata College and St. Lawrence received an Instructional Innovation Fund grant from NITLE <>to explore the potential of moving images and comparative media to form interdisciplinary connections on liberal arts campuses. In the past five years, with the advent of user friendly economical digital technologies, liberal arts campuses have increasingly explored assignments in which students create new assemblages of existing work or their own original footage to support research and as expressive communication.   These assignments cover a range of aptitudes, require considerable design effort to integrate a critical understanding of visual representation within existing course content, and need specialized resources and services. The goals of this project are to
•    Explore methods connecting disciplines through pedagogical approaches that enhance or sustain instruction and assignments integrating media.
•    Research and share current expertise in teaching and learning with media.
•    Develop models that connect critical and creative learning through interdisciplinary media assignments.
•    Develop methods to evaluate a variety of media assignments with standards similar to those for written and oral communication.
•    Identify resources to sustain diversity of media assignment models on liberal arts campuses.

At the first planning meeting on May 25, 2007 at Hamilton College, participants decided the first steps of the project are to:
•    develop a definition for media literacy in the liberal arts
•    develop a list of visual/aural critical illiteracies and corresponding skill sets to teach to students
•    provide case study examples of media based student assignments
•    explore models of media based interdisciplinary assignments and corresponding evaluation frameworks
•    develop campus discussion series events that relate programming to themes in media literacy and connect assignments in courses directly to discussion series events.
See details at <> If you have questions or are interested in participating, contact Janet Simons, or x4424.

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